Elevate your overall health with omega 3

Elevate your overall health with omega 3

In past years, many people have turned to omega 3 fish oil supplements. It has benefits for healthy people, as well as people with any heart, brain, joints, and skin health problems. With its many benefits, fish oil has become a popular supplement.

It is often recommended to consume fish but for those who don’t, Omega-3 fish oil soft gel capsules are a good source of essential nutrients.


Benefits of Omega 3 fish oil

Omega 3 fish oil contains docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), which is known to improve cardiac function, curb depression and promote cognitive functions. It also helps to regulate blood pressure. Studies have shown that Omega 3 fatty acids enhance exercise performance, boost endurance with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory responses, and effectively delay muscle soreness.

The deficiency of Omega 3 can cause rough, scaly, itchy skin. People who consume omega 3 fatty acids have decreased age-related problems. Hence it is anti-aging.

Responsible for many functions in the body, Omega 3 fatty acid is not produced naturally. Called essential fatty acids, these can solely be obtained from dietary means. It has the biggest effect on the brain’s polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) composition. Omega 3 comprises 40% of PUFA in the brain and 60% in the retina. In fact, almost 50% of the neuronal membrane is accounted for by DHA. It is also a key component of heart health.

According to recent studies, 15% of the dry weight of our brain is composed of DHA. Omega 3 fatty acid is also known to reduce inflammation in the body. It may decrease triglycerides, increase vasodilation which leads to plaque stabilization and help decrease arrhythmias and increase mitochondria function.

Yogic Secrets Omega 360 has the optimal ratio of EPA and DHA to support overall health. It is purified fish oil, sourced from sardines off the Indian west coast, with no less than 30% EPA and 20% DHA for optimal health support. Sardines are a better option for fish oil soft gel capsules as they have a shorter life span and live closer to the surface, hence they accumulate fewer ocean pollutants.

The supplement is made from highly standardized active nutritional ingredients for optimal absorption and increased efficacy. It also has no side effects. Omega 360 supports heart, brain, joints, and skin health. It is made through molecular distillation to reduce dioxins and pesticides, ensuring the utmost purity of the product. There is also no fishy taste or smell.

For optimal overall health, it is important to include omega 3 supplements in one’s diet. It is an ideal source of nutrition for various parts of the body. It’s diverse benefits promote better mental and physical health.

At Yogic Secrets, we firmly believe that we can make a difference to society by promoting the benefits of natural and healthy living. Yogic Secrets products are manufactured using effective doses of the highest quality pharmaceutical grade, highly standardized active nutritional ingredients, and plant extracts with optimal absorption.

Developed by a team of scientists with years of experience in the research and development of nutraceuticals and dietary supplements; our finished products are tested to ensure quality, purity, effectiveness, and consistency. 

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